"Come with me to the river and drink.

In What Will You Teach Her?, Megan Klco Kellner carves out for readers quiet, meditative spaces. These poems allow us to emphathize and experience, but they also work as prayer, as mantras that center us, water to quench our thirst for real, human connection. Here, Klco Kellner silences the mess of distractions, the push notifications and never-ending news cycles, to bring us back to the concerns of family, to the fundamental urgency of a parent trying to make a supportive world for her children. In our country, in this time of cacophony, where reason is distrusted and simple decency is often lacking, it is a gift to sit with this collection. We need its light. We need more people who have, as Klco Kellner writes, 'more joy than I know what to do with.'”

-- Casey Thayer, author of Self-Portrait with Spurs and Sulfur

What Will You Teach Her? won the 2019 Michigan Writers Cooperative Press chapbook prize. It is available through Amazon.